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⚠️ Important: If you or your student are enrolling as a first-time freshman, please review the steps that are needed to complete ALEKS on our admitted student website for first-time freshmen.

ALEKS Math Placement Test (For Students Enrolled in High School ACCESS)

What you need to know: 

PLEASE NOTE: High school students with a minimum ACT Math score of 22 or a minimum SAT Math score of 540  are encouraged to submit their official scores to WVU. All scores must be in the WVU system prior to registration. If a student does not have a qualifying ACT, SAT, or ALEKS score, they may take MATH 122 over the Summer to earn to grade of a C- or higher for entrance into MATH 126 in the Fall semester.   
  • High School Facilitators will receive information for their students from the High School ACCESS Office and the WVU Math Department. The ALEKS Testing Fee is $25, but ALEKS Fee Waivers will be available for eligible students. Please contact your high school dual enrollment Math facilitator or the High School ACCESS Office to see if you meet the qualifications for a fee waiver. 
  • What score is acceptable and who do I contact when I have questions?
  • Students must make a minimum ALEKS score of 45 to be eligible to take MATH 126: College Algebra.   
  • Students must also have a “C” or better in their required HS math classes (Math I, II, III; Or, Alg. I, II and Geometry). 
  • High school students may email their dual enrollment teachers or the HS ACCESS staff with questions regarding the ALEKS prior to the start of the WVU semester. For additional ALEKS information once you have access to the eCampus shell, please email the WVU Placement Office at this address:   
  • HS ACCESS students are given the same testing opportunities and must meet the same prerequisite as traditional on-campus students. The ALEKS score becomes an official part of the WVU student record.  

Please reference the most current ALEKS testing procedures below:

You will access the practice exam and all placement materials through the 2024 High School ACCESS Students ALEKS course in eCampus. You will access eCampus through either or

It is highly recommended you take this exam as soon as possible. The sooner you take the practice exam, the sooner you will be placed into your prep and learning modules.  The practice exam should be taken seriously. It will not place you into a mathematics course, so there is no reason to use unauthorized materials. 

On the placement exam you will not be allowed a personal calculator, so do not use one during the practice exam. Please review the rules for proctored exams in eCampus. I recommend following these rules during the practice exam as well.  You will be required to read and agree to the Integrity Statement before entering ALEKS.

Once the practice exam is finished, you will be placed into a set of learning modules. You will be permitted to take the proctored exam twice with a 24-hour cool-down period between each attempt. You are required to complete a minimum of 8 hours of practice within your learning modules before the 2nd Proctored Attempt.

For the proctored attempts:

* Be certain that you have a reliable internet connection, a web-camera, and a working microphone available for the practice and proctored exams. 

* You are required to use the Respondus LockDown browser.  Download the version that's unique to ALEKS. ***Note: Google Chromebooks are not compatible with Respondus Monitor. Please inquire with your high school facilitator or the HS ACCESS Office to make other arrangements.***

The password for the exam will be sent to you from the WVU Placement Office. 

For technical concerns with the ALEKS information within the eCampus system, please email the WVU Placement Office at this address: