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The dates and deadlines for the Spring, Summer, and Fall semesters will be posted below. Eligible high school students can only apply on a semester-by-semester basis during the posted application periods for the academic term. When the application period officially ends, you must wait until Steps 1 and 2 reopen to apply or reapply for the following semester.

To enroll in the High School ACCESS Early College Program, you must meet the following requirements: 

  1. Be a high school or home-schooled Sophomore, Junior or Senior during the semester when the desired course is offered.
    1. Home-schooled students must submit their academic transcripts.
  2. Hold a 3.0 GPA or higher.
  3. Obtain parent/guardian permission (their signature is required on the Enrollment Authorization Form.)
  4. Some courses require students to have a current ACT/SAT score, or to complete the ALEKS placement test in order to meet certain prerequisite requirements prior to course registration. All official scores must be visible in the WVU system before the add/drop period ends for that semester. 

*** Please Note: Senior students who are officially graduating from high school (whether in May or June) would not be eligible to participate in the WVU High School ACCESS program during the Summer months before they become undergraduate freshman.***


  • Deadline for Spring 2024: Application is now closed. 
  • Deadline for Summer 2024: Application is now closed. 
  • Deadline for Fall 2024: Application opens on March 4, 2024. Application closing date is August 16, 2024. 

To Apply for WVU Courses

Step 1: Complete Online Application 

  • Complete the  Online Application  (Select the WVU Morgantown Campus, not Potomac State or WVU-TECH.)
  • Click Step 1: the Online Application.
  • Click on Sign Up!
  • Plug in your first and last name, then an email address that has never been used with WVU before. You must use a brand new email address that is unique to this application only. Please do not use any previous log in credentials of any kind. You are applying as a brand new student each academic semester or term.
  • Click on the “I am not a robot” box, then it will tell you to verify the new email address.
  • After the verification process, you can proceed with the application for the 'WVU MAIN CAMPUS' as a WVU High School ACCESS Student.
  • You will receive a "100% COMPLETE" notice once it has been successfully submitted. All accounts will remain pending without Steps 1 & 2 in place. You will receive confirmation directly from the HS ACCESS Office when all steps have been fully received. 
  • There is never an application fee when you apply to the High School ACCESS program at WVU. If you have mistakenly submitted a payment during the initial application process, please email the HS ACCESS office at   

Step 2: Complete and Return Enrollment Authorization Form (EMAIL is the fastest way to submit your Enrollment Forms.)

In the event that you are unable to print, please auto-fill your enrollment forms with your information then send them back to the HS ACCESS Program as a scan, attachment, or a picture to Rishira Dille, or to the HS ACCESS email address below. Please have your high school Guidance Counselor, Principal, or other school official sign and fill in your current GPA and grade rank for the term in which you are applying. They may also send us an email or your high school transcript as verification of your current grade level and GPA. Enrollment forms with missing information or signatures will not be processed.    
  • After completing the online application, prospective students must complete the  EnrollmentAuthorizationForm and send it to High School ACCESS through one of the following methods. All accounts will remain pending without Steps 1 & 2 in place. 
  1. Mailed to: High School ACCESS Early College Program- P.O. Box 6212, Morgantown, WV 26506
  2. Scanned and emailed to:
  3. Faxed to: (304) 293-2516 (Please email your enrollment forms for faster processing.)
  • Once a student is admitted and  registered for classes during an academic term, they  will  remain active in our system for the following semester. As a returning HS ACCESS student, you only need to submit a signed Enrollment Authorization Form with your next sequence of classes listed and updated GPA.
How to 'Claim Your Account' After You Have Been Officially Admitted!  
Prepare to be a West Virginia University student!
  • Claim Your Account. In order to activate your WVU student account, you will need your WVU Student Identification Number, MIX email address, and username. Then go to  Login Self Service and click on where it states “Claim Account.” Follow the steps to create your master password. 
  • (Please note that there could be a slight delay with your WVU credentials syncing up in the system if you are newly admitted and have received your confirmation email from the HS ACCESS Office. You can try again within 24-hours to proceed with this step.)
  • Your WVU username and master password will log you into the required WVU systems you will need throughout the semester. 
  • WV Dual Credit MATH Students: If you are preparing for the WVU ALEKS Placement Test, you will log into eCampus: to click on the ALEKS link to begin. You must use your WVU credentials to log in after you have officially claimed your account. 
  • DUO 2-FACTOR AUTHENTICATION IS NOW REQUIRED FOR ALL STUDENTS!  How to Enroll in Duo Two-Factor Authentication:  Click on the link:  

  • You will need a computer and a Smartphone for this step. You must download the free DUO App from your App Store.

  • Please be advised that once you have claimed your account and created your master password, you are active in the system. You will have to log out of the browser and computer you are using, wait a few moments, then try to log back in on a separate computer, device, or in a different browser in order for DUO to be prompted. This is when you will sync up your DUO App to your computer or device. 

    • If you are in need of assistance, please be sure to contact us at or call (304) 293-9420. (PLEASE EMAIL US)

Submitting a Payment (after you are registered for a course):

Important Notice: You cannot make a payment for a course until you are officially accepted as a WVU student and enrolled/registered for that semester. No forms of payment will be accepted prior to meeting each of these criteria. Once admitted and enrolled, students will receive a confirmation email with their 'Getting Started' information.

Please Note: Students who are on 3rd Party contracts for their courses will NOT make a personal payment through the WVU Portal. Please contact your high school principal, dual enrollment teacher, or district sponsor for more information. 

Students/parents/guardians can electronically make a payment through the STAR system by credit card or an electronic check by logging into the student’s WVU Portal account. The system is available nearly 24 hours a day and all payments are posted in real-time. Online payments are secure, fast, and easy!

To pay online follow the steps below:

  1. Sign into your WVU Portal: using your WVU issued Username and Password associated with your account.
  2. Once logged in, click on the  "PAY YOUR BILL HERE!" button to access your WVU MyAccount.
  3. Please access the  Student Tutorial if you are logging into the WVU MyAccount for the first time to set yourself up as an “Authorized User.”
  4. All payments must be made through the student's WVU Portal/WVU MyAccount or mailed to WVU Student Accounts.

If you are experiencing trouble with making a payment, or are interested in finding out more about payment plan options, select the "Contact Us" tab on the Mountaineer HUB website, then select "Request Assistance Now." Here is the website:   

WVU Bookstore Website: