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College Courses for High School Students

Students may take non-restricted courses between 100-299 level during the Spring, Summer, and Fall semesters (English: ENGL 101 or 102 are NOT permitted for the high school students through the WVU Main Campus.)

All undergraduate courses are on a first come, first served basis. A seat is not guaranteed once a course or section is already full/closed.

  • Fall semester (August - December)
  • Spring semester (January - April)
  • Summer terms (May-June; June-August)

During the Fall and Spring semester, most courses are 16 weeks long. The Summer term is divided into two sessions. Students may take courses during either session. 

***Students who have officially graduated from high school in May or June are no longer eligible to participate in the High School ACCESS Program during the WVU Summer sessions.***

All final grades and/or course withdrawals will remain on the student's official academic transcript. We encourage our participating students to maintain satisfactory academic progress in all their attempted undergraduate courses through WVU. Students are subject to dismissal from the program for failure to meet academic standards, or if their overall WVU GPA falls below a 2.0 within two consecutive terms.

To search for classes each semester from the WVU Course Listing, please go to

Follow these steps to search for 100-299 level courses.

  1. Choose your SEMESTER (i.e. Spring, Summer, Fall).
  2. Plug in your SUBJECTS to view, or leave it blank to view ALL subjects from A-W. (Remember, you are only reviewing courses between 100-299 level, but you will see all available courses for WVU in that semester.)
  3. For the SCHEDULE TYPE option: Leave blank to view On-campus and Web-Based courses. Online/Web-Based courses are delivered asynchronously. This is noted under the Attribute column.
  4. For CAMPUS LOCATION: Please select "WVU CAMPUS COURSE" only. You may also select the indicator button for "Open Sections Only".
  5. Select SEARCH at the bottom. (Please note: It helps to put 50-options on a page to lessen the number of pages you're viewing after the courses populate.)

(Helpful Hints: WVU Main Campus online courses will have "701" or higher section numbers. On-campus courses will have "001" or higher section numbers. Please refrain from selecting courses with the following section numbers: P01, T01, 901, GLO, H01, C01, 7EA, C08, etc.)

You may also filter for specific General Education Foundation (GEF) courses under ATTRIBUTES before searching.

Helpful Resources for Students: Understanding In-Person, Online, Asynchronous/Synchronous Course Delivery Formats, and much more:

Understanding Course Delivery Formats

Find Your Textbooks on the WVU Bookstore Website:

WVU Bookstore Website

Click on "Course Materials & Textbooks/Find Materials", then enter in the Department, Course Number, and the Section of the course from the drop-down menu. Select "Retrieve Materials" to see your options.

Please note that required textbooks, access codes, lab kits, or other course materials are NOT included in the reduced tuition cost. Students and parents are solely responsible for these expenses when applicable.

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