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I Have Been Admitted...What Happens Now?

It is time to embark on your brand new journey as a WVU High School ACCESS student. We want diverse and motivated students from all over the country to begin their exciting journeys with our program. Please continue to share this opportunity with your friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues! 
Now that you are an admitted student to the WVU HS ACCESS Program, we encourage you to log into your WVU Portal ( and eCampus systems ( to take a tutorial. 
All final grades and/or course withdrawals will remain on the student's official academic transcript. We encourage our participating students to maintain satisfactory academic progress in all their attempted undergraduate courses through WVUStudents are subject to dismissal from the program for failure to meet academic standards, or if their overall WVU GPA falls below a 2.0 within two consecutive terms. 
Helpful Resources for Students: Understanding In-Person, Online, Asynchronous/Synchronous Course Delivery Formats, and much more.: 
Admitted HS ACCESS students who are in need of academic accommodations may contact the WVU Office of Accessibility Services (OAS) to assist with accessibility resources throughout your participation in the High School ACCESS program. Please inquire with the HS ACCESS Program Coordinator for more information. Here is the website for OAS:
Find Your WVU ID
If you don’t know your WVU ID number, you can look it up by going to Select the "Self Service Tools" tab, then click on "Forgot your WVU ID."
 Forgot Your ID 

Claim and activate your WVU Account

Using your name, last four digits of your social security number or WVU ID number, go to  and select "Claim Account".

activate account screenshot
  1. Click on “Claim Account”
  2. Enter First and Last name and Date of Birth (without dashes).
  3. Select “WVU ID Type” and enter your student ID #
  4. Click “I’m not a robot” and then click next
  5. Answer the True/False questions and create security questions
  6. Change your password from the default one given
  7. Your password will be valid for 180 days instead of the default of 90 days. You will receive an email prior to expiration.

    *** How to Enroll in Duo Two-Factor Authentication: Click on the link: 

    • If you are in need of assistance, please be sure to contact us at or call (304) 293-9420.
    • (Please note that there could be a slight delay with your WVU credentials syncing up in the system if you are newly admitted and have received your confirmation email from the HS ACCESS Office. You can try again within 24-hours to proceed with this step.)

Steps to review your current WVU schedule (after you are registered):

1. Log into the WVU Portal ( with your username and password.
2. Click on 'STAR' 
3. Then choose 'Student Services & Housing' 
4. Then click on 'Registration'
5. Click on 'Access Registration Tools'
6. Choose ‘Look-Up Schedule Details’
7. Be sure to select the appropriate semester if the schedule doesn’t populate on its own.
Submitting a Payment (after you are registered for a course)
Important Notice: You cannot make a payment for a course until you are officially accepted as a WVU student and enrolled/registered for that semester. No forms of payment will be accepted prior to meeting each of these criteria. Once admitted and enrolled, students will receive a confirmation email with their 'Getting Started' information.

Please Note: Students who are on 3rd Party contracts for their courses will NOT make a personal payment through the WVU Portal. Please contact your high school principal, dual enrollment teacher, or district sponsor for more information. 

Students/parents/guardians can electronically make a payment through the STAR system by credit card or an electronic check by logging into the student’s WVU Portal account. The system is available nearly 24 hours a day and all payments are posted in real-time. Online payments are secure, fast, and easy!

To pay online follow the steps below:
  1. Sign into your WVU Portal: using your WVU issued Username and Password associated with your account.
  2. Once logged in, click on the "PAY YOUR BILL HERE!" button to access your “WVU MyAccount”.
  3. Please access the Student Tutorial if you are logging into the WVU MyAccount for the first time to set yourself up as an “Authorized User.” Tutorials | Student Accounts | West Virginia University (
  4. All payments must be made through the student's WVU Portal/WVU MyAccount or mailed to WVU Student Accounts:

If you are experiencing trouble with making a payment, or are interested in finding out more about payment plan options, select the "Contact Us" tab on the Mountaineer HUB website, then select "Request Assistance Now." Here is the website:  

 Find Your WVU Textbooks
  1. To find if a textbook is required for your course:

  2. Click on Course Materials & Textbooks/Find Materials, then enter in the Department, Course Number, and the Section of the course from the drop-down menu. Select Retrieve Materials to see your options. 

  3. PLEASE NOTE: Students and parents are solely responsible for the costs of their required WVU textbooks, lab kits, access codes, or any other equipment that is necessary for their courses. 

Need a copy of your academic transcript? 

To request an OFFICIAL WVU academic transcript, click on the link below for the Office of the University Registrar's website. Under the heading, "How to View or Request Transcripts": For Former Students and Alumni, click on the hyperlink for "Parchment Ordering Website":

Do you need to view or print your UNOFFICIAL WVU academic transcripts? Follow the steps below:

1. Log into your WVU Portal with your master ID and password:
2. Click on the STAR tab
3. Then 'Student Services & Housing' 
4. Then 'Student Records'
5. Then 'Academic Transcript' 
6. Select 'All Levels' and 'Web Transcript'  
7. Your comprehensive academic transcript will populate. You can print it to give to your high school guidance counselors or principals to verify your WVU grades and GPA after your final grades have officially been posted.  

Important Information Regarding Course Changes, Drops, or Withdrawals.  

* HS ACCESS students may NOT add, drop, or withdraw from their registered WVU courses at any time throughout their participation in our program. All schedule changes must be completed by this office at the request of the student, the parents, or the high school official. Please note the official ADD/DROP PERIODS for each academic term that you are registered for a class Students must contact the WVU HS ACCESS Office by email if they intend to be removed from a course at any time throughout the semester. 

* Students will receive a 'W' on their permanent academic transcripts for withdrawing from their college courses after the official WVU add/drop/withdraw deadline during any semester. It is highly recommended that the students and their parents review the complete WVU withdrawal policy each semester that the student is enrolled in college courses: WVU Withdrawal Policy

* Please pay special attention to the 'Parts of Term' that the student is registered for during the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters. This will help you to determine when you the student is able to request a course withdrawal without consequence. This information will always be attached to your "Registration Confirmation and Getting Started" email that will come directly from the HS ACCESS Office when you are officially admitted and registered each semester.  

Please visit the Mountaineer Card Services website to obtain your WVU ID Card:

Students Who Ride The Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) System At WVU:

All HS ACCESS Students should account for travel and wait times if you plan to use the PRT as a primary mode of transportation to and from your on-campus classes. Unexpected technical issues and/or severe weather can make service outages longer and more frequent. 

***PLEASE NOTE:  High School students cannot use their WVU ID's to ride the PRT's. The WVU ID's are for identification purposes only while you are taking WVU courses.*** 

PRT outages are posted live on the WVU Department of Transportation’s Facebook page:

Please Review WVU's Academic Standards and Guidelines, Student Conduct Codes, and Academic Dishonesty and Integrity Policies that will apply to ALL admitted ACCESS students: