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Find Your WVU ID
If you don’t know your WVU ID, you can look it up by going to Select the "Self Service Tools" tab, then click on "Forgot your WVU ID." 
WVU ID Screenshot      

Activate your WVU Account

Using your name, last four digits of your social security number or WVU ID, go to  and select "Claim Account".

activate account screenshot
  1. Click on “Claim Account”
  2. Enter First and Last name, Date of Birth
  3. Select “WVU ID Type” and enter your student ID #
  4. Click “I’m not a robot” and click next
  5. Answer the True/False questions and create security questions
  6. Change your password from the default one given
  7. Your password will be valid for 180 days instead of the default of 90 days. You will receive an email prior to expiration.

Find Your WVU Textbooks

  1. To find if a textbook is required for your course:

  2. Enter in the Department, Course Number, and the Section of the course

Request a Transcript 

Grant Parent/Guardian Access to Your Student Records

Latest News
* Important Payment Announcements:  
* Please note that the Add or Drop period for the fall 2017 term has ended on August 22nd. Students must contact HS ACCESS if they intend to be removed from a course after this time frame. 
* You may reference the Fall Reduction and Refund Schedule for dropping a course prior to or after the add/drop period:
* Student will receive a 'W' on their official academic transcript for withdrawing after the official deadline.   

Students That Ride The Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) System At WVU:

The PRT is undergoing renovation (expected to be completed this upcoming summer, 2018). During this transition time, we can expect occasional significant service outages. These can range from a few minutes to several hours, and severe weather can make these outages both longer and more frequent.

All HS ACCESS Students should account for travel and wait times if you plan to use the PRT as a primary mode of transportation to and from your on-campus classes. 

***PLEASE NOTE:  High School students cannot use their WVU ID's to ride the PRT's. The WVU ID's are for identification purposes only while you are taking WVU courses.*** 

PRT outages are posted live on the WVU Department of Transportation’s Facebook page: