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College Courses for High School Students

Students can take courses during the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters.

  • Fall semester (August - December)
  • Spring semester (January - April)
  • Summer semester(s) (May - June and July - August)

During the Fall and Spring semester, most courses are 16 weeks long. The Summer semester is broken down into two parts. Most courses during the Summer semester are 6 weeks, which means a traditional 16 week course is condensed into 6 weeks. We advise students who are looking to take Summer courses will have the time to allocate to the fast-paced coursework.

To view courses for the Summer 2017 semester, please visit the schedule of classes search below to determine which courses are being offered. The first summer session is offered May 15th - June 23rd. The second summer session is offered June 26th - August 4th.

Schedule Of Classes Search

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